Last spring we took on a project to take up some “dead” space that we had in our front yard. You know those hard to mow 90 degree corners that end up with weeds and require a large amount of weed eating and pruning to keep looking good. We decided to make a triangle with some cedar fencing that we had left over and make it a small raised strawberry garden.

We have a lot of moles that live on our property so I put a piece of fine metal fencing down below where we built the bed to keep them from coming up into the bed. Then I framed out the corner with Cedar fencing, drove some rebar into the ground to hold the fencing in place and filled it with dirt and planted our Strawberries throughout the corner.

It was great to come home from work and just stop by and grab a couple of these Strawberries and take them inside and feed them to our kids. In my mind it looks better and is defiantly more productive than the wasted space that was just poorly maintained grass.