Honeycrisp Apples

Here is our honey crisp tree, it took about 3 years for it to start producing Flowers and then fruit, its irrigated with a timed drip irrigation system and fertilized every year with compost that’s created from our compost bin enriched with manure from the chickens we have, makes for great fruit, last year we had probably 30 apples off this now 5 year old tree.

The first 2 apples got hit with a bit of hail but its definitely on its way to becoming great486470_2231850491436_1792628497_nThe first apples, delicious! 58422_1187713228657_1027049_n

Backyard Preppers Launches

On the last repetitive date we will ever see,(12-12-12) we launched what will hopefully be a great adventure in blogging & self sufficiency and preparedness. I hope that this will help at least one person become more stable and open their eyes to the prepared lifestyle,we as a whole have become too dependant on systems that are in place and need to take a step back and look at what we can do to liberate ourselves from relying on these systems and start to look at what we can do to provide for ourselves. My vision is to get a group of like minded individuals
to come together to share our experiences on a path to becoming more self reliant. A view from all different walks of life with one common goal.