Heat From Junkmail

This summer I was annoyed at the literal barrage of junk mail that we received so I found this at lehmans.com on sale for 19 bucks, I figured hey its worth a try right? Instead of using gas to haul something away why cant I just make use of it on our property. This was originally made for newspaper but with a paper shredder which we already had it made short work of even cardboard to turn into presto style logs.


After soaking the paper in 5 gallon buckets and turning the mixture every couple days to help break up the paper and card stock. I came up with this after about 20 minutes of pressing the liquid out of it and then let it dry outside in the summer heat.533053_2321659016593_334025834_noverall thoughts, its a defiantly good use if you have a fireplace, the press could be built a bit sturdier but for the price I’m not complaining. I still haven’t signed up for all the free junk mail I could find but if your ever in a pinch financially id bet if you were determined enough you could collect your neighbors unwanted junk mail and heat yourselves thru the winter. Just remember to remove those plastic windowed envelopes and fake plastic credit cards from the mail.

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